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The number ONE complaint across the curl land is FRIZZ! “I’d LOVE my curls if only they weren’t frizzy”! “How do I keep my curls from frizzing”?

Here’s HOW:

1. Look at the INGREDIENTS in your cleanser, conditioner, & styling products. If ANY ingredient ends with “CONE”, ex: dimethiCONE, STOP using them! “CONES” are SILICONES masked in one variety or another. Silicones are plastics. Ohh yes, they will make your hair feel yummy smooth for the first weeks of usage ( for they are COATING your hair cuticle) THEN your hair seems DRY, FRIZZY (again) & just not happy!

2. If you have been using Deva Curl Products, Jessi Curl, NYC curls, OR any “natural” water based product lines & you are still coming up with a frizz result on day 2 or 3… YOU NEED A PRODUCT APPLICATION APPOINTMENT! KIlling the frizz begins with EDUCATING yourself on product APPLICATION for YOUR curl type! If you have curl care products & aren’t getting the frizz free end result, you are missing the MOST important applications to kill frizz!

3. Your hair is FULL of silicones & it’s feeling dry, almost, brittle. You just discovered that by reading the ingredients on the hair care bottles you have been using for the last 2 years, that silicones are the 1st two ingredients!

YOUR HAIR needs to go through a silicone detox to REMOVE those plastics from your hair so it can BEGIN to be FRIZZ FREE!

4. You use “organic” hair products, ( from Whole foods or an organic store), just the cleanser & a conditioner. YOU like your hair to FEEL product free ,yet, the FRIZZ makes you braid your hair or clip it up, every day. Educate yourself about what could be more HYDRATING with Frizz control & with NO parabens, NO silicones, No sulfates, No caca for styling.

5. YOU have been using chemicals to change your natural textured hair for the last 8 years. YOU’VE grown weary of the damage & cost. You, ALSO, are watching the trends & see the shift in hair, “Natural locks WANT TO BE NATURAL, in the BIGGEST way , EVER”! HOW do I control the frizz through a grow out?? Your hair needs to be detoxed & hydrated in a BIG way through out the growing out process. The texture change will be sooo dramatic, at the 1/4 to 1/2 point, that you may want to make a decision to cut off the chemically straightened hair at this point. Best part of doing that? Your hair gets OXYGEN !!! Controlling the frizz is all about product application EVEN through a grow out!

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