Balayage Hair Color

Balayage hair color is not your traditional hair coloring technique. Derived from a word that means to sweep or paint, this French highlighting technique creates a natural-looking effect. Unlike traditional highlights, which use foils, balayage involves painting freehand onto the hair with a brush dipped in lightener. Because of this, the highlights are usually just a few shades lighter than your base hair color giving your locks more depth and dimension.

Since the process is designed to give the look of grown-out roots in a way that’s flattering and natural, it’s less work to maintain. This means it requires less maintenance than most hair color. Another benefit is healthier hair. That’s because the process does not involve completely saturating your hair in bleach. But the best thing about balayage hair color is the fact that it is an excellent technique for enhancing naturally curly hair.

Balayage Hair Color: How It’s Applied

Balayage Hair Color

Balayage highlights are painted on using a brush. They are completely freehanded, in that there is no cap or guide of any sort.

As we already mentioned earlier, balayage stands for sweeping in French. This technique gets its name because of the process of sweeping the color through the hair with a brush. Balayage is painted on the surface of the hair with highlights starting about midway down the hair instead of at the roots.

With balayage, we hand-select which sections or strands of hair will have lightener applied to them. Typically, lightener is more highly concentrated on the face-framing pieces, and the top layer of hair for a more dimensional look.

But, every balayage is different, in that placement, gradation, and color is based on hair color, texture, and length. For this reason, it’s best to work with a colorist who understands the process.

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